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Make your data work harder

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Better Data Drives Better Decisions

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Data Governance, Measurement, Analytics & Dashboard Reporting

Every data point is a chance to gain insight.

Although each interaction with your audience is an opportunity to collect valuable buyer-behavior data, you still need to decipher what to measure, how to interpret the data and how to apply it to make more informed decisions. Increase your team’s efficiency by integrating data workflows and technologies that are aligned with the prioritized outcomes of your customer-focused strategies.

Our performance measurement framework model, reporting dashboards and advanced analytics services help our clients utilize their data more effectively to optimize program, marketing investment decisions and ROI.

Reporting and analytics solutions
customized to your business

Get a complete and accurate picture of your reporting and analytics capabilities, so you can better understand what your data can do for your organization.

How we help

Performance Measurement and Reporting

Align stakeholders around a shared understanding and view of demand generation performance, with real-time dashboards for campaign managers and executives.

Demand Analytics

Improve your demand forecasting with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical modeling capabilities.

Data Governance and Enablement

Improve hygiene, organization and ongoing maintenance processes of your marketing data set to ensure accurate insights and reporting and performance insights. Establishing best practices for a clean data environment requires a shared understanding among stakeholders of roles, data sources, workflows, and desired outcomes.


“The Fjuri team were thoughtful in their approach and used their expertise to provide us with a solution that cared for the nuances of our business. They were smart, strategic partners and a pleasure to work with.”

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