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Gaining a better understanding of exactly what's not working is the foundation of our work.

Our structured approach to assessing the presence and condition of core components of your end-to-end demand generation engine gives us a clear picture of your unique needs going forward.

Assessment Framework

Our assessment evaluates and scores the five essential components of a high-performance demand generation engine.

Target Audiences

To effectively inform content strategy and tactics throughout the buyer journey, you need clearly defined target audience profiles and personas. This includes identifying typical members of the buying group, what role they play in the purchase process, their information needs and preferred media types, and their decision criteria when evaluating product options.

Lead Acquisition and Nurture

Lead acquisition and nurture is the process of attracting and developing relationships with buyers throughout the buying journey. Successful lead acquisition and nurture focuses on understanding the information needs of prospects or leads, and timely delivery of that information to educate and build trust until they are ready to speak with your Sales team.

Sales Development and Conversion

The process by which leads are identified and qualified for further sales outreach requires shared understanding and alignment across the Sales and Marketing teams. Processes should focus on increasing the qualification and conversion performance of leads through ongoing testing and feedback loops.

Data & Analytics

Data-driven decision making is the foundation for optimizing demand generation performance. It requires a clean, centralized data set with strong governance, a measurement framework aligned to business objectives, advanced analytics skills to drive improvements in outcomes, and robust reporting capabilities for campaign managers and executive teams.

Demand Center

A multidisciplinary function, providing overall governance of the demand generation practice and ensuring alignment across Sales, Operations, and Marketing. The Demand Center is responsible for driving performance optimization, adherence to established processes and SLAs, and charting the strategic direction and execution of all demand generation program activity.

What you receive

Following the assessment, you'll receive a detailed diagnosis and scorecard for each component, along with a set of recommendations that will help improve your capabilities of each component, and if appropriate, a prediction of revenue impact.

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