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Demand Generation

We treat demand generation as a practice, not a product.

Effective demand generation requires a set of synchronized capabilities across teams, tools, processes, and strategy.

Fjuri works quickly to assess your full-funnel motion against our 5-part framework, then employs a test-and-optimize approach to implement the technical infrastructure, advanced insights, and process changes required to transform your revenue generating capabilities.

72% B2B budgets now purely digital to match software buyer’s personal digital journey — Gartner 2022 Report

Fjuri supports B2B by focusing first on building the components required to acquire leads and retain customers, and secondly on the maintenance and synchronicity necessary to keep their efforts running at maximum efficiency:

  1. Target Audiences
    Target Audiences
  2. Lead Acquisition and  Nurture
    Lead Acquisition and Nurture
  3. Sales Development and  Conversion
    Sales Development and Conversion
  4. Data & Analytics
    Data & Analytics
  5. Demand Center
    Demand Center

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