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Demand Center

Making a Demand Center Work for Your Organization

“Demand Center”: The phrase can sound intimidating and even mysterious. In reality, it’s anything but. An effective Demand Center is meant to bring order and stability to multidisciplinary groups, enabling stakeholders across marketing and sales organizations to align on what Demand Generation success looks like, map out a process to get there, and hold all involved accountable.

Here we will touch on key considerations for standing up this kind of working group and demonstrate why Fjuri believes you and your team should focus on two particularly critical areas: maturity and sustainability. Finally we’ll close on how effective leadership sets high-performing Demand Centers apart from the rest.

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4 Steps to Building a Buyer Group-Based Demand Generation Program

It has long been accepted that enterprise purchase decisions are not typically made by individuals, but by buying groups of individuals with different roles, considerations, and inputs into decision-making processes. However, many B2B companies have failed to align their Demand Generation motions with this reality and continue to acquire and nurture individuals instead of buying groups. As a result, organizations are failing to optimize the true revenue opportunity and return on marketing investment from lead generation. According to data from the Sirius Decisions Command Center, 98% of automation qualified leads (AQLs) fail to convert to actual revenue.

In contrast, buyer group-based lead qualification is driving the future state of Demand Generation strategies. Here are some tips for how to build a Demand Generation model that identifies and nurtures buying groups.

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