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Best Practices for B2B Data Hygiene

To run an optimized, data-driven Demand Generation engine, enterprise marketers need a single source of truth when looking for audience insight. Building and maintaining data hygiene practices enables the kind of trustworthy, consistent reporting that is key to data-driven decision-making.

B2B companies are learning the hard way that dirty data comes at a cost: A recent study found that 50% of IT budgets are allocated to data “rehabilitation” efforts. So, what do we mean by clean data? We mean it is accurate, updated, and uniform. Clean data is free of duplicate, outdated, incorrect, or misplaced entries. When analyzed for patterns and segmentation, clean data tells a clear, actionable story about your audience. And this can drive benefits like improved employee efficiency, revenue growth, and sales conversion. Here are some rules for how to keep your data clean.

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