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Data governance

Optimize Existing Data Sources to Drive B2B Demand Generation in 2023

Today's economic pressures are causing marketers to shift their focus from the latest and greatest platforms and tech to making the most of their existing investments, with data sources and management tools being at the top of the list. With these large volumes of data and tools developed to help companies organize, analyze, and derive value, many organizations face a daunting gap between their intent to make use of these tools and their ability to actually do so. As a first step, enterprise marketers need to form a full picture of what their data can do for them.


Building the Right Attribution Model for Your B2B Demand Generation

In the context of B2B marketing, attribution is the process of understanding what actions or engagements with your brand were responsible for driving leads through the sales funnel until closing a deal. Through designing attribution models, marketing and sales can determine what actions are generating business results and make data-driven decisions about where to invest for more effective nurture strategies.

But building an attribution model for today’s buyer journeys is no easy task. Long sales cycles mean it is hard to pinpoint which engagements with your brand are truly impactful. Leads interact with your brand on a variety of channels, and it can be difficult to identify the right dials to tune to drive multiple decision makers down one sales funnel.

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