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The Fjuri Demand Generation Model

An Enterprise Demand Generation Model can be summed up as a coordinated set of activities that drive demand for your company’s product or service. On the surface, this can sound simple enough. But successful Demand Generation requires near-real-time synchronization across teams, tools, processes, and strategy. There’s no question that CMOs face tough decisions when building a Demand Generation strategy for today’s market. But it doesn’t need to be an impossible task. At Fjuri we focus on two parts of Demand Generation: First, the components needed to build a functioning revenue engine, and second, the maintenance necessary to keep it running at maximum efficiency.

Data Hygiene Resized

B2B Data Hygiene: Best Practices for Maximizing Your Data

In order to get the most out of the data sets we've all invested in, especially as marketing budgets continue to be scrutinized during these economic times, it's critical that companies follow best practices in their data hygiene. Data sets must be complete, consistent, and well-defined. Read more on how to get the most out of your data to ultimately drive more revenue for your company.

Data governance

Optimize Existing Data Sources to Drive B2B Demand Generation in 2023

Today's economic pressures are causing marketers to shift their focus from the latest and greatest platforms and tech to making the most of their existing investments, with data sources and management tools being at the top of the list. With these large volumes of data and tools developed to help companies organize, analyze, and derive value, many organizations face a daunting gap between their intent to make use of these tools and their ability to actually do so. As a first step, enterprise marketers need to form a full picture of what their data can do for them.

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